• Youth Spirit Artworks's garden is finished!!
  • Youth Spirit Artworks is now home to six raised beds thanks to this crew!
  • Finishing up bed #1 at Youth Spirit Artworks!
  • Young people from youth spirit art working on their new garden.
  • Ty and tomas help Isaiah.
  • Tomas media maven breaken it down with the carpentry skills.
  • Getting these raised beds going!
  • Building a garden and art space with Youth Spirit Artworks!
  • We were only missing dj but im proud of these kids
  • Our wonderful faithful class
  • Last days of school
  • Nutrient-dense peanut butter balls for McClymonds!
  • Now the reward of their hard work and dedication
  • Stole a good pic of diamond
  • Kiya packing the strawberries
  • Diamond cutting the strawberries
  • Ingredients for kale smoothies on Friday
  • Kiya posing
  • Look how much Dimond missed me lol .. feels good to be back at mac


Building. And Arting. And Arting. And Building.

Building. And Arting. And Arting. And Building by Tomas and Maya During the last week of June, Planting Justice partnered with Youth Spirit Artworks  (YSA), a local nonprofit that seeks to empower homeless and low-income youth aged 16-25 with green art jobs and job training so they can gain the skills, experience and self-confidence to […]

Goats, a pig, ducs and chickens!

Full Harvest Farm

Full Harvest Farm In March of 2013 Region, Karissa, their 11-year-old Kyla as well as some friends run Full Harvest Urban Farm in the extended back yard of their East Oakland home. From the moment you enter the backyard, it is clear to see the dedication and hard work has been put into this space […]

Oglala Sioux – Pine Ridge, South Dakota (Cross-Post from the Indigenous Farming Project)

“I WANT TO SATURATE PINE RIDGE WITH HEALTHY VEGETABLES,” says Steve Hernandez, Oglala Sioux Tribe gardening instructor. “The interest in gardening here is huge, and education is key. Through classes in everything from soil preparation to preserving the harvest, we ensure that our people are increasingly able to do this for themselves.” For Oglalas, eating fresh, […]

Burnt Out? From Wilted to Holistic Wellness

As part of our ongoing education program at Santa Rita Jail, Planting Justice offered a workshop that featured ‘Holistic Wellness’ for about 30 incarcerated women. Incarcerated women are often overlooked because the majority of people incarcerated are men, however working with women prisoners is important too. California holds the largest number of women prisoners of […]

Bounty Behind Bars

Building the Juvenile Redemption Garden at the Stanislaus Juvenile Commitment Facility was something that I have been talking about for a couple of months now. I would call donors every day to tell them about this new project saying, “Yeah, I mean, these kids will actually get to work with their hands when we build this […]